Saturday, 04th May 2024

With Ben Lynch

About the Workshops

Throughout this two 2.5 hour practical workshop, you will be shown the Warmups, Mobilisation and Progressions required to achieve or refine your: 

🔥 Bar Muscle up and Handstand Push Up

You will learn the art of programming for these super impressive skills covering everything from the most beneficial volume and intensity to use, as well as specific drills and accessory movements that will help speed along your journey.

🏆 🏅 About your Coach: 🏅 🏆 

Ben Lynch is a decorated Competitive Calisthenics Athlete specialising in statics representing the UK at the WSWCF World Championships 2022. 

As well as providing online coaching, he co-owns Movement Masters alongside Aaron Lauder, a qualification provider for Calisthenics Coaching. He is also a Founding Member of the United Kingdom Calisthenics Organisation- a community alliance spanning the length and breadth of the UK.


This is a 2 hour practical workshop that requires physical exertion, students must have base level strength and fitness to be able take part and be free from injury that may be worsened through hanging or inverting (must be able to hang from a bar).

Students must be confident and able to kick up to handstand against a wall. 

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Saturday, 04th May 2024
11:00 – 13:30
£40 | £45 Non members
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